Welcome to the Maiden Newton Village Website

A website for residents and businesses of Maiden Newton and for visitors to the area. The website's aim is to provide a range of helpful and useful information that will help to encourage and benefit events, activities, groups and associations within the local area.

Panorama of Maiden Newton

About Maiden Newton and Frome Vauchurch

The conjoined parishes Maiden Newton and Frome Vauchurch make up a single community in West Dorset, England. Maiden Newton is the much larger parish with about 1000 residents to Frome Vauchurch’s 150. The shorter history has been provided by Councillor Andrew Williams. A more detailed history can be found here.

On this Site

You can find loads of information on this website, including the local Weather Forecast for the village. There's information about local transport, other local services, clubs and groups, shops and businesses and information from the Parish Council.

Local Promotion

We're also keen to work with local business to promote their work in the local area and beyond. It's amazing how many companies are based here and how far and wide their activities take them. (If we can get enough information it would be great to show the impact of Maiden Newton around the world!) If you run a business here then do get in touch...

We're also considering adding in a "small ads" section to the site to allow villagers to post items for sale or services on offer here too. If you think this is a good idea then please let us know by emailing office@maidennewton.info

Contributors Wanted...

To make the website as useful as possible we'd love to enlist the help of some more contributors from the village. So if you organise a evening class or are holding a series of talks, we'd like to hear from you. Alternatively, you may run your own business and wish to provide a special offer to local residents? Get in touch and we can help you reach out to everyone in the village.

For more information, please contact office@maidennewton.info

The Maiden Newton Herald

The Maiden Newton Herald provides  up-to-date information about events and happenings in the village. We are encouraging people to let us know when the many and various clubs, societies and events start up again. There is no charge for this service.

The Herald is published monthly and costs 40p.

It is available from the Corner Shop, No. 64 the Newsagents  and Maiden Newton Garage.

For further information, please contact the editor, Judith Stinton on 01300 320778 or email judithstinton@mypostoffice.co.uk


Upcoming Events