Foreword and Acknowledgements

When I was asked by John Wright if I could put together a brief history of Maiden Newton to go on the website, John said ‘three or four pages would do it’. As any reader who goes to the end will discover, it took a good deal more than three or four, 22 to be precise.

I have to gratefully acknowledge two principal sources of information for what follows, for it has been largely from these two sources that I have extracted the information.

The first is a book entitled MAIDEN NEWTON in Dorset, written by the Rev. Edwin D. Ginever, Rector of Maiden Newton from 1958 to 1965. This book was published in 1961 or thereabouts. This book is now out of print but there is currently a plan to have it republished.

The second is the book entitled From The Ash Tree, Materials for a History of Maiden Newton and Frome Vauchurch, edited by Mr. H E Wells-Furby, published in 1977 and containing material gathered by his Mother over many years of living in the village. The last remaining copies of this book are available at the Posnett’s the newsagents in Maiden Newton.

There is far more information in the two books referred to above than I have compiled here, so this might be considered the first edition.

David Smith
March 2004