Maiden Newton War Memorial

Origin's of the Memorial

During the First World War about eighty local men volunteered for war service from the August of 1914 onwards and the names of those who died are inscribed on this memorial and others within churches in the locality. Professor Edward Prior, a relative of Rector Templar who was the incumbent at the time, designed the war memorial. It was dedicated in 1920 and formally unveiled by Major General Sir Reginald Pinney on 24th February 1921.

A separate inscribed tablet, bearing the names of those whom died in the Second World War, was subsequently added to the base.

The memorial is now listed Grade II.

Further Information

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The detail that is presented in this document has been gathered from numerous web sites and those sources listed in the appendeces. It is unfortunate that many of the personal records of those who fought in the First World War were damaged or destroyed in the Blitz. However, those records (or parts of records) that have survived are in the process of being recorded on microfiche but may not be fully accessible for several years. I have no doubt that in due course further factual information will be available from these and other sources for inclusion in future revisions.

Andrew Williams
November 2001