This Day In 1994 - Keeping Watch At Church


8th November 2011

Tranquil but not alone: St Mary’s in Maiden Newton may look like any other church but it is celebrating a special birthday. A year ago an appeal for volunteers went out to help in a new scheme called Church Watch. Thirty people came forward to join a rota to keep an eye on the building, checking for vandalism or theft. Of the original 30 only five have had to drop out and others have been very willing to fill the gaps.

The Parochial Church Council has expressed its thanks to this gallant band. “Popping into the church day after day with nothing to show for it can be discouraging as it is not really possible to know how much of a deterrent Church Watch can be as you can only know that nothing has happened.

“When something untoward has happened it has been possible to deal with it quickly and where a serious theft did occur I am sure our actions helped to have the insurance claim met in full,” said a spokesman for the PCC.

So happy birthday Church Watch and all its hard-working volunteers.

[From the Dorset Echo 08-11-1994]

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