1 year on for maidennewton.info


23rd December 2011

Regular followers of the website (in it's current form) may be aware that it's recently achieved it's 1st birthday!

The website was launched officially on 15th December 2010, with one of our first news stories featuring the heavy snowfall to hit the village (click here to read it). Now, a year on from this and the great British weather is living up to it's unpredictable nature - providing double figure temperatures, with no sign of snow on the horizon (for the current year atleast!).

In terms of the website, we have just hit a significant milestone - our 10,000th site visit, from which over 7,500 were unique visitors.

For businesses, organisations and groups who are based in or operate near Maiden Newton and Frome Vauchurch, the website is proving a valuable resource for people to go to for reference or just to browse and see what's on.

Contact us to discuss ways we can help you promote your services to the local community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the maidennewton.info team.

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