Exceptional Snow Hits Village


20th December 2010

Already by 10am this morning (20-12-2010) over 6 inches of snow has blanketed Maiden Newton in a little over 2 hours, with gritters struggling to keep the main roads open.

This new heavy snowfall is adding to snow that fell over the weekend, covering slush and ice on the roads and pavements and making parts of the village almost impassable.

Here are a few pictures taken of the village over the weekend of the first fall of snow.

Dorchester Road, Maiden Newton

Dorchester Road, looking east.

Station Road, Maiden Newton

Station Road, looking north.

Maiden Newon

The Frome, looking east.

Snow at the Mill, Maiden Newton

The Mill, Maiden Newton.

Higher Frome Vauchurch

Higher Frome Vauchurch looking east.

Back Lane, Maiden Newton. Looking West.

Back Lane looking west.

The Frome, near Cruxton.

The Frome, near Cruxton.

By the Frome, below Cattistock Road.

By the Frome, below Cattistock Road.

Skips Bridge, Maiden Newton

By Skips Bridge.

All photos © Jon Sloper 2010.

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