St Mary's Church - The Fire


1st June 2011

Two months have passed since a fire damaged part of the roof at St Mary's Church, here in the Maiden Newton.

Below is an update on the road to repair, as supplied by John Trowbridge in June's edition of The Herald parish magazine. John states that "every corner, nook and cranny of the building has been affected by smoke damage."


An inventory has now been completed of literally everything in the church - a total of 450 items at present! This will help with getting the cleaning company, a firm called 'Continuity' to establish what can or can't be cleaned so that we know what replacements will be required. The final bit of the inventory jigsaw will be the bell tower.


This has to be removed, lock stock and pipe, from the church before anything else can happen. Quotes are approved subject to final diocesan approval. The organ will be fully cleaned and restored before being brought back and rebuilt.


Once the organ is removed, scaffolding will be brought into church so that cleaning and repair can start. There will be general cleaning of eveything, walls, ceilings and all furniture and fittings. With many monuments and carvings, specialist cleaning will be taking place.


Members have received a report and proposal for a complete provision of new electrical work to replace most of what we had that was extensively destroyed in the fire. Lighting will be looked at for possible improvement on what was there before.


The specification of repair is with the Diocese. Various firms have visited and tenders had to be in by the end of May. When they arrive, these will be discussed with the Insurers.

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