This Day In 1982 - A New Cub-Scout Pack For Village


12th March 2012

The village of Maiden Newton has a Cub-Scout pack again after a lapse of 2˝ years.

The new Leaders and 16 new Cub-Scouts were invested at the pack Headquarters at the White Horse meeting room.

Mr Roger Brown, The Dorchester District Scout Commissioner, and Mr Jim Davis, the Assistant District Commissioner, carried out the investment which was followed by a party for parents, committee members and guests.

Good Omen

The Pack see it as a good omen that they have restarted in the Year of the Scout, which is the 75th anniversary of the movement.

“We hope that all the help and support we have received can be repaid by running a successful and happy pack,” said the packs Akela, Mr Len Paul.

Other leaders are Kathy Paul, Rakshan; Eve Elliot, Baloo; and Theresa Critchell, Bagheera.

[From the Dorset Echo 12-03-1982]

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