This Day In 2002 - New Recruits Bring Boost For Village Beavers


20th August 2011

Maiden Newton beaver colony sprang back into life after 12 years in the wilderness with the investment of 14 young recruits.

The colony, which will be based in Maiden Newton youth club, has not operated since 1990, when it closed due to a lack of leaders. Beaver leaders Penny Johnson and Janet Scofield have restarted the group and are appealing for more youngsters to join up.

The return of the beavers makes Maiden Newton scout group, which now consists of beavers, cubs and scouts, one of the strongest in the region.

Group scout leader Teresa Critchel said: “The new beavers means we’ve now got a really strong scouting group. We have a total of 46 in Maiden Newton, which for a village is a wonderful number.” The new recruits received a scarf and badge and made a promise to be kind and helpful and to love others.

Girls and boys are welcome in the beaver colony, which is for youngsters aged from six to eight.

[From the Dorset Echo 20-08-2002]

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