Understanding the Map

23rd March 2012 at



23/03/2012 - 25/03/2012

There’s more to a map than finding one’s way home. Within its concertina folds lies a wealth of knowledge; the map, more than any volume of prose, will tell you not just where you are or how you got there but where you stand in the midst of your surroundings. Over the course of this weekend you’ll learn how to read the map and transfer those skills in the field. More than an exercise in navigating the countryside this is a voyage of discovery, using the map to interpret the many layers of the landscape.

Tutor: Sian Taylde


The Kingcombe Centre,
Lower Kingcombe,
Toller Porcorum,

Tel: 01300 320684
Email: office@kingcombecentre.org.uk
Website: www.kingcombe.org

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