Alacrify and the Maiden Newton Website

Alacrify is a website and graphic design business based in Dorchester (originally from Maiden Newton). Jon Sloper, who runs Alacrify, has worked with John Wright on the Maiden Newton website for a number of years.

As John Wright is now less able to maintain and develop the website due to his work commitments (the price of fame!) Jon and his team have stepped in to breathe new life into the site and provide maintenance and hosting for the site, and see about pushing it forwards again.

Contacting us...

If you would like to get involved in contributing to the site too then please call us on 01305 753769 or email

If you'd like to know more about Alacrify then please visit our website:

A few words from the site's founder, John Wright:

John Wright"A few years ago I set up a website for our two villages. It ran for for about three years before an unexpected change of career (from cabinet maker to writer) put too much pressure on my time and the site became moribund. I rather miss the village website - it was fun running it and fun finding out about my village and sharing what I had learned with others. But now things are set to improve. My very good friend Jon Sloper and his team at Alacrify have taken on the mantle and I know from experience of their work they will make a terrific job of it. I have passed on to Jon as many of my original files as I can find, so much of the content will be familiar to those who knew the old site. Jon has promised me a user account so you may expect the odd word from me from time to time.

Things have changed enormously in the years since I first started the village website - Maiden Newton is now quite a bit larger for one thing. Sadly we have lost the bakers and a separate post office. But, thank goodness, the pub is still with us and the corner shop is in good hands. When I started the site we only had dial-up internet access (or isdn). It seems difficult to believe how primitive the internet was in those days considering that it now forms an integral part of the lives of most of us. I believe that a village site is much more important now than when I started one - essential, almost, for the well-being of our two villages. With Jon running it the new Maiden Newton and Frome Vauchurch website will be a vastly improved site to the one I created - web tools were pretty basic in those days and, to be frank, I never entirely got the hang of the web editing tools I had. I do hope you will support this new site by visiting it, recommending it and even contributing to it.

Over to you Jon......!"

John Wright December 2010

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