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Here we'll be showing news items from over half-a-century of Maiden Newton village life, covering everything from the completion of the village hall in 1958 to a clowning lesson for the youngsters of the village in 2001.

Each month we will show stories from the press that happened "On this day" over the past half-century, giving a real sense of the colourful history of the village.

If you've got any other stories that we could feature please get in touch with We'd love to hear from you!

Entries in 2012

26th This Day In 2002 - Play Area Is Back In The Swing
12th This Day In 1982 - A New Cub-Scout Pack For Village

22nd This Day In 1997 - Villagers Cheer Cash For New Road Safety Scheme
15th This Day In 2000 - Stone Memorial For Millennium

Entries in 2011

22nd This Day In 1993 - Lunch Hour!

8th This Day In 1994 - Keeping Watch At Church

21st This Day In 1981 - Plans For Three Playing Fields Given Go-Ahead

29th This Day In 1990 - New Nursery Ready To Go
17th This Day In 1996 - Big Day Goes With A Swing

20th This Day In 2002 - New Recruits Bring Boost For Village Beavers
18th This Day In 2001 - Youngsters Clown Around In Village
14th This Day In 2001 - Fire Station Opens Doors To Visitors

18th This Day In 1992 - Three Day Fair Big Success
12th This Day In 1989 - Village Gets In The Party Mood
8th This Day In 1993 - Three Days Full Of Fun

15th This Day In 1984 - New Majorette Troupe Formed
3rd This Day In 2000 - Robes Of Innocence Draw Village Crowds

15th This Day In 1958 - Maiden Newton's £4,500 Fire Station Opened
10th This Day In 2001 - Jumping For Joy

16th This Day In 1982 - Village Play Spaces Saved
11th This Day In 1958 - Day They’ve Awaited For 23 Years
8th New Archive Feed Launched

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